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Hi there!

Thanks for visiting my portfolio. The variety of my experience–from music performance to product management and software development–has allowed me to contribute to work for a diverse set of brands and organizations such as HP, Microsoft, New Relic and The Trevor Project.

Software is ever evolving and the projects that get me most excited are ones that enable people to connect with one another more easily, in fun and innovative ways. I'm fortunate to work in an industry that fascinates me.

Beyond what I do for a trade, I also have a passion for serving the communities I engage and live with. Whether it's volunteering hands on or providing board service, I am eager to get involved.

In my spare time I like to listen to podcasts and books, sing, play the piano and violin, and ride my bike.

I'm currently a Delivery Lead at Potato and based in Austin, TX.

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Don't hesitate to reach out.
Happy to answer any and all inquiries.

Email — ezequiel.calderon.jr@gmail.com
Resume — download PDF copy


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